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We Are Technological Leading Company In This Field, We Provide Specific Solutions For Our Every Customers.

Technology oriented universal industry, serves a wide range of products with legacy of more than 40 years in industries as a leader in engineered product development.
PRSverse core business segments are productivity, rotary products, safety product, special fasteners, special bearings, special products and services―providing customers with a single-window solution from design, manufacturing, testing, quality control and techno commercial services. Located in Western India with a team of distribution partners and technical support specialists.

Industries We Serve
Petroleum and Gas

Petroleum and Gas is a fastest growing industrial sector in the Asia and South America. Our various products are required for this sector, particularly Rotary Joints, Swivel Joint's, Rotary Union, Rotary Actuator's and special fasteners etc....

Steel and Cement

Steel and Cement industry is the largest sector in India, this sector requires rotary products, safety products, Special Bearing and special fasteners offered by us. These products are required for heavy machines like rolling mills, conveyors, valve operations etc....

Construction and Energy

Construction and Energy sector is a important and major sector, our products are required for rotary machines, safety of machine, energy saving and for easy maintenance. The products can be utilised for excavators, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes, wind mills, rope bridges, tunnelling etc....

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry in India is growing due to the international market requirements. This sector is modernising with automation and use of CNC Machines, for this productivity is a key word for cost and time saving during change over of production. Our products are used for fixturing, supporting and work holding purpose on CNC Machining centres, CNC Lathes tool rooms and general mechanical workshop etc...


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PRS verse
Steady Market Growth

PRSVerse offers innovative design solutions, transforming client ideas into marketable products with a skilled team that exceeds market expectations, ensuring venture success.

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Repetitive Orders

PRS Verse is committed to efficiency, dependability, and precision in operations, partnering with distribution partners to provide comprehensive solutions.

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Efficient Products

Our Western India-based services provide a comprehensive solution for product development, techno-commercial services, with a dedicated team of distribution partners and technical support specialists.

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Wide Product Range

The language highlights PRS Versecomprehensive services, including an integrated platform that streamlines the product development lifecycle, improving quality and efficiency.

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Export Oriented

Emphasize the complete and streamlined nature of your solutions when creating material for a diverse Export Oriented business offering a one-stop shop for design, and techno-commercial services.

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Large Customer Base

PRS Verse provides a comprehensive solution for customers, covering design, manufacturing, testing, quality control, and techno-commercial services, offering a one-stop shop for all aspects from concept to delivery.