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Wedge Vise   - Mechanical
Wedge Vise - Mechanical

Wedge Vise Vise have been engineered to be the ideal batch production for component holding with minimum effort. The clamping is achieved through wedge action of movable jaw. Position of movable jaw is maintained according to the component length, setting time is very short. Available in sizes 50 mm to 100 mm widths, these vises can accommodate a wide variety of workpiece depending on your requirement. Multiple vises can be used for large components.

Product Features
  • All steel construction
  • Compact and Robust Design
  • Simple operation
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
  • Base and Jaws Hardened
Technical Information
  • Jaw Width: 50 and 100 mm
  • Clamping Force: Up to 2,000 kg
  • Holding Length: Up to 315 mm

Milling Machine Vise - Mechanical
Wedge Vise
Model Code W Len. - L Len. - L2 Len. - L3 Dia. - d H Max. Jaw Opening Jaw Size Clamping Bolt Size Weight in Kg.
W1 h
VW W050 0100 50 260 25 40 11 75 150 48 25 M 8 5.2
VW W075 0100 75 400 30 60 14 115 250 72 45 M 10 16.8
VW W100 0100 100 500 30 100 16 135 310 96 60 M 16 30.0
Hydraulic Self Centring Vise System
Self Centring Vise System - Hydraulic

Self-Centring Hydraulic Vise Systems are a highly respectable technology with high clamping force capacity and consistent holding pressure. They offer users the ability to position the jaws just outside the dimension of the workpiece to minimize travel when clamping. With the speed of hydraulic work holding, it reduces clamping and unclamping operations to about one second and saving time.

Product Features
  • Double-acting
  • High clamping forces
  • Includes either aluminium or steel soft quick-change jaws.
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Low operating hydraulic pressures.
  • Steel body,internal components are treated for enhanced performance and durability
  • Side ports for external line plumbing.
  • Bottom ports for manifold plumbing.
  • Easy access lubrication ports.
Hydraulic Self Centring Vise System
Self Centring Vise System - (Hydraulic)
Hydraulic Self Centring Vise System - (Hydraulic)